Why should the government save startups?

The case against is simple at the edge - Darwin. The argument in favor is what essentially differentiates EU from USA on a philosophical dimension, making it a better environment for building a business.

But - I don’t believe in governments bailing out startups. People don’t need to be given fish to eat, they need fishing rods to do better and more fishing. I do believe that companies need a stable and predictable environment for planning ahead. That’s the government job.

And yes, it is tough for founders. Having been through this kind of shitty period before - this is the kind of time when little boys become real men. It is up to you to figure it out, and certainly not the government’s job to wave a magic wand.

And since it’s on you, you will notice that most of the people who were around you during jolly times are not available anymore. People who you thought were rational and reliable, not being reasonable anymore. You will hear stupid advice and you will have all sorts of panicking instincts.

But… you are on your own and you will eventually figure it out, no matter how deep you need to cut. The stronger your network, the more chances of survival. And never be ashamed to ask for help - friends, family, peers, the shareholders.

Worse case scenario: you fail and you learn. It is yet another experience that sets you apart from the kibitz-types. And then you start again. That is a true entrepreneur’s life, any ending is a new beginning. Btw, if you fail, it is also important how you do it.

And so this is your fight, not other people’s, even less of the government.

- The UK government shouldn't set up a bailout fund for startups. That's their investors' job.
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