the times we live in

In Finland, returnees and foreigners say they struggle to find work with foreign qualifications and experience due to recruitment bias.

It is a recession, I guess, and this happens more often than not in many other European countries.

A Swedish friend who’s a headhunter told me that if your name doesn’t resemble Swedish it will automatically be disqualified to further screening. It is what it is.

Shitty situations don’t get the best out of people and the Covid context accentuated the nationalism, which lately seems to prevail to reason and common sense. And you cannot only blame it on politicians, it’s just how things are and people feel, we’re on that cycle of the history now.

Otoh, the same Covid made it much easier for tech startups and corporates alike to hire from a larger pool of candidates regardless of their locations.

A barrier has been crossed - this is a huge irreversible trend and, sooner or later, we will increasingly see only particular cases of local jobs remain subject to local recruitment discriminations, it is just a matter of time.

These are the times we live in.

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