the new Nordic 9

Last week we put online a new version of Nordic 9.

For those who don’t know, N9 is a project tracking the European startup deals and putting on top a data platform interface for making it easy to understand the intel.

I did N9 for two reasons: i) I consume an unhealthy amount of intel data every day and I tend to forget it (getting old, I know), so an aggregated source to find something in a few clicks comes in handy and ii) I hate bad software, and I find most of the market providers borderline unusable, be them data, intel or media.

And so I was lucky enough to have a strong tech partner who built for me a little toy 4 years ago, covering the Nordic market, iterating and learning along the way. We started it as a hack and built on top of it until it became unscalable so we had to make a decision to build a new one last summer. It took us a bit of time to re-create a new product that has wider scope and can be SAAS scalable and here we are.

We are also lucky to have a handful of customers who gave us great feedback along the way, some of them going quite deep in methodologies or business cases, which we learnt a lot from.

The data now covers the entire European landscape and is becoming quite sizable, we track the activity of more than a 1000 active investors every month, and the whole social graph is coming along pretty nicely.

So who is it for?

For once, it is for people like me who want to take the pulse of what is going on in a vertical or in a country. And I mean now - this month or this quarter - not sometimes last year based on some big macro numbers which mean a lot for very few people from the market. Take fintech, for example. Or health or food and so on.

Then, a great number of our customers are startups, since I work anyway with startup people looking to either get funded or to grow their operation to get fundable. It is a case that can be a standalone business by itself.

Another one we notice is investors looking for local deal flow and granular intel - we track a considerable number of deals under $5 million and have a decent data coverage of angels/early stage investors active in Europe.

We also added cheat sheet reports on top of the data (have more than 50 reports to date) - snackable market intel with actionable insights or valuable pieces of information - all for people who usually need just to learn the essentials from a sea of noise. (who has time for a 1000-words report or a 50-slide deck nowadays anyway?)

The product is still in beta and we’re still rolling stuff out - I’m actually quite excited about what we can build on top of what we have, one of the reasons for taking the time to re-construct the whole product in a proper way.

Just like Nordic 9, the ecosystem we provide value for is also very young and growing. The European startup landscape is in early emerging stages, and I believe our timing as also a startup helping other startups is fitting.

And I also believe that a laser-focused product, with good data, useful intel and great UX should be a good value proposition for anybody part of the ecosystem. And that is my bet with N9.

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