The mobile concierge market

1. it's rather in an inception phase, there's no clear winners or established companies, although I like the way Operator executes

2. it's not a winner takes all market, as it's a fragmented one and it will be even so in the next few years at least

3. I don't believe in general solutions to a rather complex problem, as provided by the class of companies that contribute in this space today. They are pioneers rather discovering than solving problems in an early stage environment.

4. I also do not believe in generalist AI solutions, such as Google Now, Facebook M or Cortana, which are different beasts than Magic, Operator or GoButler. AI is also hot these days, just like the conversational commerce, but there's no clear sustainable business model yet.

5. the transactional model seems to be limited to a certain user profile since there's always a premium on top of the retail markup plus the delivery costs, which makes it rather an expensive value proposition attractive to a certain demographic

6. on a broader level the transactional model makes it difficult to develop competitive advantages, it's just another sales channel, a channel that can be very easily replicated, cheaper, by solid players like Amazon and such. So it's a channel with a trajectory towards a model competing on brand and marketing budget sizes.

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