The member-based club model

Citymapper launched a club option asking for $100/year and hopefully this is just the start for adding serious stuff justifying quite a big money ask.

So far, the features they provide for club members are rather emotional and intangible, there is no utility whatsoever.

I am a big fan of the club model - i.e. paying a subscription for getting access to special stuff, especially related to lifestyle, as long as you get the utility rightly aligned with the $$ value.

And while I am not sure that building a city guide is best on top of a map app, I am rooting for Citymapper, as they compete against the cyborg, Google.

Google has been trying to make a business in this space for 15 years, unsuccessfully.

Dinosaurs like me still think that Zagat-like products are the way to go for tackling this market, if done right by using tech.

Google actually bought Zagat in 2011 and based on it tried to clone Yelp for 7 years - they failed, as in the publishing business, user-generated and/or tech will always be beaten by well written content by specialists using the right tech. Tell that to engineers…

Apparently, since hiring a new CFO in 2015, all Google’s bets are on making Google Maps a profitable city guide product, which now looks solid. So go-go Citymapper!

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