The Glassdoor for VCs

There’s a new attempt of building “Glassdoor for VCs”.

Quick thoughts:

- I don’t believe in the thesis of startup founders public shaming the investors, even anonymously - I explained here why. The founders alternative today is direct reference asking and checking - easier, direct and more useful.

- The review-based business, especially user-generated, is easy to game and difficult to scale. The more complicated the system to prevent the gaming, the higher the friction to add in the content.

- Here’s another angle of it: what would a founder do if a VC asks her to write a review as part of the funding package they provide? Would it be honest knowing you have to work together for the following years? Not unrealistic, probably you all read about worse things happening.

- The private investors market is quite small and by definition VCs are a difficult genre of customers - how will Landscape make (the big) money? Glassdoor makes money from job ads btw - users come for the reviews and stay for the jobs. Will Landscape go this way and build yet another job site?

- And because when contrarian it’s also nice to suggest a constructive solution: if this flies at all, a) it shouldn’t be a big op, and b) if the VCs are really aligned to use this avenue for cleaning up their business, they can get involved directly, make it a non-profit and all chime in with $ supporting it as an industry organization.

Not an easy case.

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