The Germans pulling a Rocket Internet. Again.

A hot thing in Germany is investing in aggregators of Amazon-based, small retailers. The trick is to find the top-reviewed, bestselling essential everyday products on Amazon, and buy the brands from the small business owners selling them.

You then build a platform aggregating the products and can have a good DTC op in place with nice economies of scale.

It is a smart insight, the long tail of Amazon is huge and there are a lot of unsung heroes of businesses doing seven figures this way, just out of Amazon infrastructure, which charges about 30% for all the overheads.

Now, don’t imagine for a second that the Germans had this insight or invented something on their own - far from it, they simply pulled a Rocket Internet and cloned the model of some Americans which were just valued $1bn back in July.

And shortly after, we have:

1. Razor, founded in August by, among others, the former venture director at Rocket Internet, and which already raised about $1M from 468, GFC and Redalpine.

2. Seller X, also launched in August by the founder of Dafiti - Zalando for Latin America, also backed by the Rocket Internet. They just raised from Cherry and Felix Cap.

Building startups and raising money in Europe is not that difficult if you come to think of it, right?

Now, can Europe become the most entrepreneurial continent? :D

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