The fast unicorn

I am not the type of guy who gets excited about uni or deca or uber corns from Europe or elsewhere, that’s investors job. I am more into interesting stuff built by smart people.

And what Hopin has been doing is nothing far from remarkable for an European startup - if we’re still considering Brits as Europeans, that is. :-)

In 18 months to build something from 0 to 3.5 million users and 50,000 customers bringing in $20M in ARR - this is really inspiring for any founder aiming to build products people want.

Sure, corona played its factor and the timing was perfect, but it really doesn’t matter. Execution does.

It’s true, the $2.1bn+ valuation is a bit too high for a 20 mill a year business, but it factors in the upside, the execution and the demand - investors have not had too many opportunities of this kind in their career in Europe.

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