it's the end of the world as we know it

The prognostication game has hitherto been about the speed at which newspapers will go out of print. Now it shifts up a gear to the more pressing question of which companies will start to jettison websites and other digital infrastructure accumulated in the past two decades.

Having a legacy business configured around a website is now almost as much of a headache as the rumbling printing press, fuelled by paper and money.

It is likely we will start to see studio or agency models emerge where publishing models once were, trying to create value around relationships and services rather than packages and products.

As publishers lose control, are newspaper websites a dead parrot?

So basically the online publishing industry is in a transition state, an ever going perpetuum for a few years already and not a surprise since its bosses are paralyzed by change.

Survival in the content business will depend on building the business not around the website as an asset but around the brand as a connection center. Combined with iminent death of counting pageviews and unique visitors, which is a broken business model.

Or, simply put, if you've got a sustainable economic model for the value created in the ecosystem, you've got a viable business.

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