If i were a kid...

... these days:

- I wouldn't waste time exclusively on social media, but rather I would create a blog/website associated to my name in order to empashzie what I know, I would write periodically about what I am interested in, demonstrating the way I think.

- I would be extremely well informed about the domain I'd look for a job or I would start my own gig and wouldn't have the guts to do it (why you wouldn't have the guts in your 20s is another question you need to find a good answer to - there's lots of people who don't have the balls to be on their own, you are not alone - ask yourself why you can't and what have you got to lose)

- I would use that site, or blog, not to write about nonsense and trivial stuff from the news or *anything* that I have an opinion on in order to get traffic which can be a false sign of success.

- I wouldn't actually be that worried about the traffic as a way of selling advertising to an audience but... I would be looking at the traffic in terms of attracting like-minded people, people I have things in common with, and in general people who could give me a job and would be interesting to explore common projects with.

- I would try to get to know everybody who is best or has made a signifcant contribution in the domains I am interested in. Virtually or irl, but I would focus on people on global basis, not on a local community

- I would be fluent at least in one foreign international language i.e. English.

- I would try to do lots of diverse stuff, I would always look at the big picture and I would look for a mentor. Models also matters but this is tricky as if you find a bad one, you could turn out in a similar way to it. What are some signals that indicate a bad model - copy/paste, atitude, arrogance, "I am smart you are not". There is no recipe as this is a highly subjective interpretation but your system of reference would be the one providing the reference check - what is good and bad for you, what works or not for you, shouldn't necessarily be the same for others. Evolution is not about words or atitude, but about what you leave behind.

That's it - thereare  many other details, especially money related, when you are a kid. Money, at least in your early 20s, is less important than the value you are capable of creating but this will come in time, usually in your late 20s.

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