How do you beat a 15 minute delivery grocery business proposition

You know what is cooler than London’s Weezy GTM promising to deliver groceries within 15 minutes? One similar promising to deliver in 10.

Gorillas, based in Berlin and founded this year by Kagan Sümer and Jörg Kattner, is a grocery delivery provider offering an aggregate supermaket products range delivered to consumers within 10 minutes of ordering.

10 or 15 minutes of course don’t make a difference, the fundamentals are the same while the markets are differently sized - arguably people living in London are about 3 times as many as in Berlin.

And, btw, Gorillas just raised venture money from local investors, just like Weezy. Two is a tango, it looks like the beginning of an European trend.

Anybody reading this old enough to remember Webvan?

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