Google gets EU's blessing for the Fitbit acquisition

Google says that the Fitbit deal is about the hardware rather than getting access to its health data. The EU got some sort of assurances and greenlit the deal.

Google is a media company good at tech advertising, and has no idea and capabilities for building good hardware. They have tried and failed many times.

The Fitbit deal is very strategic as G wants to compete with Apple Watch, which is already a platform and which has a huge upside potential. They sold more than 100 million units already and grow double digits yoy.

It’s harder to get it and grasp the size of it because you don’t see it now in Europe since Europeans are cheap and prefer Android devices. Therein lies the opportunity.

On the other hand, if you want to see good corporate strategy rollover, study Apple watch’s evolution from launch till today.

And Apple is beatable, there’s a strategy playbook for it.

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