Good strategy is when you transform a marketing expense into a revenue line.

I really like Bsit’s approach of launching Parentalist, a new standalone product based on a secondary business need. 

Bsit is a marketplace for babysitters active in France and Benelux and Parentalist’s aim is to become a knowledge sharing community for parents. From what I gather, Parentalist was rather a result of the Covid situation than a grand strategic scheme - nonetheless the beauty of this play is that it is a secondary product on its own, and depending on its evolution, you can derive other revenue lines later on.

Nowadays, especially in the consumer business, good marketing means a lot of earned media as a result of building a community around your users and providing additional utility, on top of the one derived from the core product’s main proposition. Once you have that community in place, the up-sell and conversion are more natural, easier and with better results. If it also generates money, that means you transform a marketing expense into a revenue line, which is even better.

Not too many similar strategic plays in Euro startupland to my knowledge.

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