Europe versus US

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, I think America is a great place for starting and growing fast a business.

It is a big, one-language market, the societal rules are more open, failure is encouraged, nobody cares what country you are coming from and you have a better chance than in Europe to build great stuff in a faster way. And if you build business backed by VCs, it is more likely to find great investors than in Europe - competition is high and top investors are very experienced and accessible. Incredibly better compared to Europe - Americans are really good at doing business in general.

However, America is as corrupt as you can get - having been born and raised in Romania, I know what I am talking about. Add to that the high criminality (you can get shot in open street just because somebody had a bad day) and that the public services are extremely bad.

Everything is car-centric and commuting-based and it is rare to find well-maintained cities. In some ways America is so backwards that whenever I go there from Europe is like time travelling to the 80s.

And, if you have a family, the education is expensive and the healthcare is extremely expensive.

If you are young and competitive, it is likely to succeed in US in more ways you can define success as it is easy to find smart money and peers with the right mindset. Europe is a place to take the slower way while you enjoy life, culture, food and in general la dolce far niente.

A smart approach is taking the best of the two worlds. The best piece of advice is the one I got from Martin - "raise in US and build the company in Europe.”

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