do you really need a brand identity when doing a VC investment business?

Imagine for a second you are a founder at the beginning of a journey.

You want to build a new business, something that makes impact and that should be durable, at least 10 years down the road.

You think hard about the need and how your product fits that need, about the target customers and about the market segment.

You figure you can create that unique value proposition that makes you special, with a GTM that gives you a good rep and credentials - people on the street will know who you are, if all this works out.

You see it through and it makes sense, you’re onto something. You work your ass off to put together all this research into a product reflecting your vision, and get it business ready in order to launch it.

Before you make it public, there’s one more thing: you need to choose an identity reflecting all this special work you’ve been doing.

That identity is something that people know you by. The packaging is as important as the value the product provides - you want to choose something that is unique and undoubtedly associating your work with your name and your rep. It’s a whole, and everything needs to be consistent.

The professional way to do this is to work with a brand agency, whose job is to give you an identity and make you look good. If you ever worked with a brand agency you know that the deliverable of those guys is simply a reflection of who you are, your values and of what you and your product stand for.

But you decide not to do that. Maybe you think you already got it, or don’t think it’s that important, or worth it, or maybe you are too busy for this anyways. You settle for a name, create a fancy website, write that Medium piece your peers will judge you by, you activate your journalist friends to get you a bit of PR momentum and you finally come out in the world.

And then you get this random screenshot from social media:

Which one are you and who will your customers think you will be? Are you Adidas or Adibas? Are you Gucci or Guci?

I can only imagine board discussions where founders ask their investors advice about marketing.

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