Disrupting the VC industry

Northzone changed their website - some fresh paint plus standard buzzwords you can find on any VC website, attached to a board with jobs aggregated from one company from their portfolio, probably for now. Looks nice and clean, finally at par with some other top tier European VCs. But - it could have been as well a powerpoint presentation embedded over at Slideshare.

Not trying to pick on Northzone, they are nice, smart guys and all. But I keep wondering when the European investors will discover how to transition from a static, online PR exercise to a digital product powered by knowledge and network, which are any investor’s competitive advantages besides $$. Aka using the technology for leveraging the strengths of a money product wrapped in consulting services. Maybe closer to what those guys are doing. Or those. Or those.

This industry, especially in Europe, is a cohort still living in the 2000s in spite of investing in the future - some nice static pages and a Medium account mostly with press releases make a solid (so-to-speak) marketing effort but is this at par with investors’ customers and their needs? How about using the concepts they’re supposed to consult their companies with but applied to themselves? You know, operating like a company, not like a fund.

I’d give them some years though - Europe is still minor league compared to US, with less competition and hence little need of differentiation. But, after education and healthcare, the VC industry will hopefully be the next vertical disrupted by technology. :D

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