Chesterman, the canny deal maker

FT profiled Alex Chesterman, one of Europe’s best entrepreneurs who, in three years, raised money, built a SH car marketplace business and now flipped it on the US stock exchange via a SPAC.

This is not his first rodeo - he also did Lovefilm, a DVD rental biz he built in the 2000s, backed by VCs and sold to Amazon for £200m and Zoopla, a real estate service flipped in 5 years to private equity for £2.2bn.

The dude is that good also because it is rare to find a founder in Europe mastering the entire cycle from taking an idea over a cup of coffee to a business that he is then capable to structure into a multi billion exit.

That is hard to do and not too many people can pull it off. Three times!

I mean, just look at Deliveroo’s Will Shu, he will not put on the resume his IPO exit skills, will he?

Chesterman is also a very active angel investor, likely one of those guys who does business because it’s in his DNA, regardless of the context.

Do you think that a guy like him would ever complain about the VC value-add? :-)

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