Amazon launches in the Nordics

Amazon is set to launch in Sweden and other Nordic countries this fall. It is a long-expected move, and kind of a big deal as the Swedish/Nordic society is, in general, a closed one to big business from outside.

In Sweden retail’s case, consumers have available mostly Swedish/Nordic brands on the shelves, with little non-Nordic competition, as all the active operators are tightly controlled by a group of local wealthy families. And, like in any oligopoly, they drastically limit the market entrance from outsiders (same goes with the banks or telecoms, for example).

It is notable Apple’s case which acquired a property for opening a flagship store downtown Stockholm, only to be denied after getting their papers in order by the local authorities, who had a sudden change of heart a few years later. Unofficially though, rumours say that actually there were commercial interests at stake as Apple's way didn’t want to get local businesses involved in the Apple Store operations (they never do) and the political angle was a way to make them change their minds. Apple didn’t and was really pissed about it.

And so, Amazon is kind of a big deal in the Nordics, as it will likely shake the market and provide a much-needed competitiveness and wider access, which ultimately will benefit consumers.

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