About FT and TNW

Still to be seen how FT is going to integrate TNW and Index, which were part of the package together with the conference FT purchased last year.

The easy answer is probably merge them w/ Sifted.eu as operationally-wise it doesn’t make sense to keep multiple teams for similar products. This is easier said than done since likely TNW has a legacy inventory that comes with an audience easy to sell. And speaking of legacy, there are probably at least a few underlying software tools that need to be re-written or integrated under the same umbrella for achieving operational efficiencies.

But… since the event biz has been put on hold this year because CV, my guess is that one of the internal discussions would be around assessing TNW’s true online brand value. Traffic without ads against it is just wasted money and burning cash for running two similar assets (Sifted and TNW), when the industry is in turmoil with no resolution in sight, can hardly justify content creation without going the DTC avenue. Which is bad timing: bad macro + Sifted not mature + TNW not-monetizable via sub.

Doubt it is a lot of € burn in the grand £383M/year revenue scheme of things but not an easy position either.

Also interesting to follow what they do with Index, a not very up to date but sizeable startup/investor database product without vision whatsoever - now they sell it as a white label matchmaker b2b product but there’s certainly more opps. if FT is capable to assemble a decent product.

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