About databases of investors, startups and transactions

Some smart Ukrainians made public a sizeable list of investors, companies and transactions from the private market. For free - serves as a good reminder that getting data is cheap and what matters is what you make of it and the layers you build on top.

Building a business of selling a premiere database and an API access to it doesn’t have too many competitive advantages. You compete on the costs of maintaining the data not on product - Pitchbook et all simply scrap their DBs with India-based teams, so their cost is kept at minimum. Down the value chain you will be able to sell it wholesale, competing on price, again, while up the market you can get to an occasional lock-in for some smaller retail customers.

And, on the demand side, if you are in the VC business, for example, and you have ambitions to be more than a money manager, you need to own your database, because that is your graph, and your graph is the crown jewel since you are in the network business.

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