About Clubhouse

About a week ago, a group of US-based investors started using Clubhouse, an (invite only) audio-based social network. It is a simple, basic app where people can spontaneously jump into voice chat rooms together. You see the unlabeled rooms of all the people you follow, and you can join to talk or just listen along.

It can be fun, especially now, since we are forced to work at home - whenever you have downtime you hop on and have a chat with, or listen to whoever interesting is online. Instead of talking to your co-workers while doing a cup of coffee in the cafeteria, that was.

As, so far, the use is evidenced by a very niched audience (VCs), I’m not sure whether it has a future as a product or it’s just a feature that Zoom or Facebook can copy easily. However, there is something there - I do find it interesting in the context of online streaming events, as a perfect complement for the networking aspects.

If you decompose the value provided by an event - you have the content per se and then you have the networking and meetings from the halls. Clubhouse can play a proxy role for the latter. As a standalone product, it can become easily yet another social network used for personal branding, intersecting with what video is for Instagram. TC covered the product here.

Also, speaking of Zoom, this is a similar idea to Clubhouse but built on top of Zoom. The app creates breakout rooms similar to an in-person conference.  Each breakout room is connected to a Zoom meeting + a Google Doc and people can move themselves between breakout rooms.

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