About Dragos

In the late 90s my first serious job was in corporate finance and I thought I was going to build a career out of it. Did even an MBA in Finance and took CFA level 1.

Then I discovered strategy and technology and thought I'd become good at it by practicing it. So I started my own thing, in 2004. In the following ten years I built a software company, a media group, a digital advertising agency and an online boutique selling wine to its members.

Now, I am building BestShot, a business around an AI-based software solution that helps people become better at tennis. I also developed Nordic 9, an up to date resource for learning about investors and startups from the Nordic countries in Europe.

I have lived in Prague, Oslo, Bucharest, Bruxelles, Toronto. Now I am juggling between San Francisco and Stockholm.

For contact, email works best - drnovac at gmail.