Dragos Novac

Dragos Novac

I am an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, something something with a lot of hats. Involved in different internet and technology projects for the past 12 years.

Frequent speaker at tech conferences, involved in startup juries, advisor and BOD member for various startups. I have lived in Prague, Oslo, Bucharest, Bruxelles, Toronto. Now I am living in Stockholm.

MBA in Finance from CMC/Katz Business School USA, MSc in Strategy from BI Norway, with business experience in several industries and verticals.

Some projects I have developed or invested in over the past years:

Currently based in Sweden, open for business at drnovac at gmail dot com.

PS. Don't bother to look me up on linkedin or other "professional networks" as they're rather a nicely wrapped spam opportunity, full of time wasting cliches. Good productive meetings are usually made face to face, I know that from experience. :-)